Jarden Consumer Solutions

How did Jarden use AWS in this solution?

Jarden was seeking a solution to ensure mobile application users’ data is kept safe and secure. Amazon AWS Cogntio has been implemented by Thinglogix as part of the ‘nuyu’ customer mobile solution delivering strong security and authentication processes. ThingLogix has implemented Cognito identity service that enables Jarden nuyu users to create unique identities or authenticate them with federated identity providers like Facebook, as well ot provide a robust solution across iOS and Android Mobile App solutions which allow customers to register, identify and authenticate back-end authentication process.

The ‘nuyu’ mobile solution has also implemented Amazon Cognito Sync: Enabling cross-device syncing of application-related user data. For example, ‘nuyu’ wearables data is synced across user iPhone, iPad and Android devices as well as back-end databases concurrently. Users can access information synchronized with their iPhone on their iPad in near real time.

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